The Meaning of Pride

By: Bryanna Houser

LGBTQ Pride month explained

Not even 5 years ago, when people thought of the month of June, their first thought might have been of sunflowers, late nights by the pool, and rainbows in the sky. Now those rainbows have moved to the ground in the form of flags, shorts, and even billboards across the nation.

In recent years, the month of June has been the time for gay pride in America.

“Why June?” you might ask. Simply put, it’s the month that the US Supreme Court ruled gay marriage legal in all 50 states along with other progressive acts for the community.

This year, the climate of the marches for Pride have a slight bittersweet taste to them, due in part to the political moves that the United States still seems to take against the gay people from President Trump tweeting his intent to ban transgender people from serving in the military to bills that North Carolina and Texas have passed preventing trans people from using public restrooms that aline with their gender identification. The marches that are supposed to be a celebration of the LGBTQ community are unfortunately reverting back to their roots as protest against the inequalities facing the community.

With tragedies such as the shooting at the Pulse Nightclub, it can be hard to understand why anyone would want to go to a public event that is full of gay people, but the existence of such danger is exactly why we need to have Pride Month and all the activities that come along with it. Pride was created as a way to celebrate the differences of all people; gay, straight, black, white. It’s a time for all of us to come together to fight for the rights that all people deserve and to show our pride in ourselves and those who stand up for us. Although it is a public gathering, police officers are posted at all the major parades and marches to ensure the safety of all of those involved and to keep the festivities joyous.

The month of June is for more than just having picnics in the park with the family; it’s about expressing your true self and not being afraid to do so. Pride is an example of the tremendous progress we as a nation have made for the inclusion of our people, and it is also a somber reminder that we still have a ways to go. Next time you hear someone mention Pride, remember to Pride is a time for love, not hate.

Living on Your Own

Writer: Kyle Pearson

Living on your own? Here is how to do it.

Throughout one’s life sooner or later, whether it be in an apartment, house, or even dorm, they will be living on their own. The awkward process of getting used to your own space can be a big adjustment to some, or completely natural to others. It is important to realize how to efficiently live on your own and avoid being a star on the show “Hoarders.” By following a few basic rules to maintain your space, you can ensure friends and family will not gag on the stench of unwashed dishes and dirty laundry when visiting, and also ensure you do not go insane from the solitude.

The first step to maintaining your own space is keeping your home clean. This may seem like a miniscule task, but those dishes that you keep telling yourself you will get to tomorrow may turn into a mountain of rotting leftovers quicker than Kanye turning into a conservative. Though cleaning your own room has been a normal occurrence for most, maintaining an entire place will make you realize all the work your mom actually did when you were younger. Cleaning a living room truly is not the chore to make one admit defeat, rather, the kitchen proves to be the challenging beast. Dominating dish duty as soon as it comes up may seem a bit overboard, but it is much better than having to clean a weeks’ worth of dishes that have new forms of life thriving on the surface. Keeping a clean home has many benefits. Mainly, providing an ease of mind: imagine coming home from a long day, you probably would not want to see a thriving biome in the kitchen sink when you walk through the door. When coming home to a clean kitchen and house, you will find yourself much more relaxed.That is until you make another mess and have to start over.

Other than coming to the realization that the messes you make will not magically be cleaned, one of the biggest obstacles a new homeowner will face is simply being alone for extended amounts of time. It is completely normal to feel like a dog sitting in a bird’s nest when first living on your own or even in a new place. Decorating the space to your own liking will help provide a familiar and comfortable feel to the new environment. Living with plain walls can result in loneliness creeping up on you even before you can sign up for Tinder. By putting up your various porcelain dolls or taxidermied animals, or whatever you might be into, your new home will officially feel like it is actually yours.

Once one has their new place set up exactly how they want it, time spent there will be much easier to enjoy. People find themselves getting stuck to a routine and limiting themselves to going through life only four feet from their bed. It is important to remember to actually leave your home and experience the world when you can. Do not let your new home be the only place you thrive, how are you supposed to show it off if you never go and meet new people?

Hopefully by accomplishing these tasks your new home will not feel quite so new. Living on your own or even just in a new home is an exciting time. It is a refresh on your life, you get to start from scratch by decorating how you want and making new habits like keeping the home clean. Although living in a new place can be intimidating at times do not let that feeling bully you into not making the best of it, everything is all up to you.

Summer Tours!

Staff Writer: Orian Johnson

Tour announcement for KOD

This summer is going to be phenomenal for music, and what better accompaniment for your favorite tunes than your artist singing them live? That’s right there isn’t one! Now for some tours happening this summer that you should definitely know about.

1. KOD Tour with Young Thug:

J. Cole’s KOD which came out in mid April is the focus of his tour starting in August with the first performance being on August 9th in Miami and the last performance on October 10th in Boston. Fans of two very different artists get to come together and turn up! Which tour date are you picking? Choose Wisely.

2. Paramore’s Tour 5:

Paramore recently announced their upcoming tour, officially titled The After Laughter Summer Tour, lasts June 12th through July 24th and they are my favorite band so here’s hoping their tickets are not all sold out (procrastination kills).

3. More possible tours that could be happening this summer:

  • Kanye West & Kid Cudi Tour
  • A possible tour coming from Jon Bellion (he’s been teasing a new album for several months now…).
  • Smaller tours by Smino, Masego, and KAMAU.

These are just a few of the many concerts/events happening this summer! Go buy tickets! Go see your favorite musicians live in concert!

5 Surprising Facts About Being a College Athlete

By: Bryanna Houser

Student athletes are oftentimes looked at as being the lucky students on campus. They get their school paid for and get to shine in the spotlight at all of their sporting competitions, right? Wrong. Being a college athlete is not all it’s cracked up to be. From the long and early practices, to the not-so-helpful scholarships, we’ll explain to you all the things to keep in mind if you want to participate in college sports.


The idea of getting a full ride for your sport is one of the things that draw young athletes to collegiate athletics, but the amount of people actually getting those is small. Part of that is because, even if you get a full ride your first year, it could be gone the next. Scholarships are renewed yearly at the coaches discretion, and most athletes receive between $8,000-$10,000 each year.


So now you know that scholarships aren’t all that they seem to be, but you probably won’t have to worry about that because you probably won’t get one. On average, 6.2% of male and 8.0% of female high school athletes actually get offered a scholarship to compete at the next level. Having said that, it’s impossible to receive scholarship money, it just might not be for athletics. I believe that all athletes should pursue other scholarships to help pay for their education.


Division III schools aren’t allowed to give out athletic scholarships, but these schools seem to be the cheaper option for many athletes. Since they aren’t able to give athletic awards, these schools tend to grant their athletes different merit-based scholarships that could cut the tuition price by nearly 50%. Because most of those schools are smaller private schools, that money seems to stretch a bit more than at a DI school.


It may seem odd, but some coaches start building their files on certain athletes as early at the 7th grade. At this stage, parents should be the ones making the contact with the coaches, eventually being picked up by the athlete around the 9th grade. This is one of the reasons you see so many sophomores and junior in high school getting college offers; the coach has often had their eye on that athlete for a while.


The NCAA has set a 20 hour a week limit for all their practices. Unfortunately though, many coaches often times forget the student part of their student athletes, pushing training sessions past their time limits and taking away precious classroom time from those athletes who might be struggling.

All students experience the stresses and strains that come along with being involved in school, but before you envy the athletes strutting around campus, remember that there is a plethora of things that they go through which make their lives a little less glamorous.

Remembering Chris Cornell

Written By: Jarrett Crepeau

May 18th 2018 marked the one year anniversary of music legend Chris Cornell’s tragic suicide. Frontman of Soundgarden and one of the staples of the the Seattle Sound of the 1990’s, Cornell’s voice captivated fans and the industry alike with his performances.

BB Gun Press

He was a legend in the music industry; many musicians remember him as someone who had an excellent work ethic and dedication to his music. Chris played with Soundgarden, formed Audioslave with Rage Against the Machine’s guitarist Tom Morello, and formed the tribute band Temple of the Dog with Pearl Jam’s frontman Eddie Vedder to celebrate the life of Andrew Wood of Mother Love Bone.

Tom Morello and Chris Cornell

Chris was also a charitable person. In 2012 he formed the Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation with his wife for protecting and guiding the vulnerable children in our world. They visited a refugee camp in Greece that tied in Chris’s musical collaborations with the film The Promise to raise awareness and all proceeds from his song of the same name, the last song he made, will be donated to the International Rescue Committee. Since his passing, Vicky Cornell has become a champion of mental health along with Talinda Bennington, the widow of Chester Bennington, Chris’s close friend who lost his life to suicide in July of 2017 on Cornell’s birthday.

Chris and Vicky Cornell

On May 18, 2018, there was a vigil held at Chris Cornell’s grave at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Chris’s wife and three children were present along with fans and former band members Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron and Auidoslave drummer Brad Wilk. Alice in Chains dedicated a few songs at the Rock on the Range festival to Chris, and Machinehead frontman Phil Demmel and Jared MacEachern preformed Audioslave’s “I Am The Highway”. Others wrote moving tributes to Chris, on Instagram Matt Cameron wrote:

“Chris always led by example — his worth ethic, his sense of humor, his love of animals, his love of the Cascades, his love of family. I will forever praise him for the decades of encouragement he gave me and for the fierce friendship we forged. I love you buddy.”

As for my own thoughts on Chris Cornell, he is one of my heroes, his music has always and will always mean a lot to me. When I first heard of his passing, like many I was shocked. Chris struggled with a lifelong battle with depression, but it was a side that we as fans only caught glimpses of in his music. If his passing, along with Chester Bennington has taught me anything, it’s made me realize how important is to tell your family, friends, and loved ones how much they mean to you because you never know when they will be gone. Rest easy Chris. We miss you.

Unconscious Bias

Writer: Kyle Pearson

Within the last week, a video of two young black men being arrested for waiting on a friend in a Starbucks has gone viral. Starbucks coffee chain is finding themselves in a public relations nightmare due to one managers poor decision. The manager decided that the two men sitting in the Starbucks were breaking the law due to the not buying anything. It is important to recognize that many people, including myself, have loitered in a Starbucks for hours at a time. So, what made these men stand out to the manager?

An unconscious bias is defined as a prejudice or unsupported judgment in favor of or against a thing, individual, or group a in a way that is typically considered unfair. Having a bias doesn’t always mean belligerent racism that is clear for the public eye to witness Listening to the police call the manager made she simply stated, “I have two men in my café not buying anything refusing to leave.” This statement is not displaying blatant racism, yet the actions following were based on quick and unrightfully wrong profiling.

The focus of this is not to bash the manager who made the call, destroy the Starbucks image, or even focus on the two men profiled. The focus is to reveal the unconscious bias we all hold in our lives.

Take a minute and imagine a scenario, think of a car with a flat tire. A mechanic shows up and is starting to prepare the car in order to change the tire. It is important to realize the traits of the mechanic you imagined. Did you picture a man or woman? While it is stereotypical that a man can change a tire and a woman is not capable, many women are very capable of changing their own tires while some men in fact have no clue where to start.

A second scenario, imagine you are in an elevator surrounded by strangers of all kinds of backgrounds. You notice a five-dollar bill fall out of someone’s pocket and another person picks it up and pockets it, not aware anyone saw the maneuver. What race is the person who picked up the money from the ground? Did you imagine them returning it?

Based on past life experiences, habits passed down through family, and even cultural identity, unconscious biases are formed. It is essential to recognize these stereotypes in order to change the way you perceive the world to prevent incidents such as the one Starbucks has currently.

Simply recognizing the bias you hold is just the first step. After realizing the unconscious profiling, you may have been doing you need to dig deeper and ask, “Why do I think this way?” By doing this you will allow yourself to realize any experiences or cultural traits that may have lead you to think the way you have been thinking.

The final step to realizing your unconscious bias is to be cautious how you act in social situations, being sure not to establish any bias on an undeserving person. You would be surprised how amazing people can be if you simply give them a clean slate to start with.