Living on Your Own

Writer: Kyle Pearson

Living on your own? Here is how to do it.

Throughout one’s life sooner or later, whether it be in an apartment, house, or even dorm, they will be living on their own. The awkward process of getting used to your own space can be a big adjustment to some, or completely natural to others. It is important to realize how to efficiently live on your own and avoid being a star on the show “Hoarders.” By following a few basic rules to maintain your space, you can ensure friends and family will not gag on the stench of unwashed dishes and dirty laundry when visiting, and also ensure you do not go insane from the solitude.

The first step to maintaining your own space is keeping your home clean. This may seem like a miniscule task, but those dishes that you keep telling yourself you will get to tomorrow may turn into a mountain of rotting leftovers quicker than Kanye turning into a conservative. Though cleaning your own room has been a normal occurrence for most, maintaining an entire place will make you realize all the work your mom actually did when you were younger. Cleaning a living room truly is not the chore to make one admit defeat, rather, the kitchen proves to be the challenging beast. Dominating dish duty as soon as it comes up may seem a bit overboard, but it is much better than having to clean a weeks’ worth of dishes that have new forms of life thriving on the surface. Keeping a clean home has many benefits. Mainly, providing an ease of mind: imagine coming home from a long day, you probably would not want to see a thriving biome in the kitchen sink when you walk through the door. When coming home to a clean kitchen and house, you will find yourself much more relaxed.That is until you make another mess and have to start over.

Other than coming to the realization that the messes you make will not magically be cleaned, one of the biggest obstacles a new homeowner will face is simply being alone for extended amounts of time. It is completely normal to feel like a dog sitting in a bird’s nest when first living on your own or even in a new place. Decorating the space to your own liking will help provide a familiar and comfortable feel to the new environment. Living with plain walls can result in loneliness creeping up on you even before you can sign up for Tinder. By putting up your various porcelain dolls or taxidermied animals, or whatever you might be into, your new home will officially feel like it is actually yours.

Once one has their new place set up exactly how they want it, time spent there will be much easier to enjoy. People find themselves getting stuck to a routine and limiting themselves to going through life only four feet from their bed. It is important to remember to actually leave your home and experience the world when you can. Do not let your new home be the only place you thrive, how are you supposed to show it off if you never go and meet new people?

Hopefully by accomplishing these tasks your new home will not feel quite so new. Living on your own or even just in a new home is an exciting time. It is a refresh on your life, you get to start from scratch by decorating how you want and making new habits like keeping the home clean. Although living in a new place can be intimidating at times do not let that feeling bully you into not making the best of it, everything is all up to you.


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