Summer Tours!

Staff Writer: Orian Johnson

Tour announcement for KOD

This summer is going to be phenomenal for music, and what better accompaniment for your favorite tunes than your artist singing them live? That’s right there isn’t one! Now for some tours happening this summer that you should definitely know about.

1. KOD Tour with Young Thug:

J. Cole’s KOD which came out in mid April is the focus of his tour starting in August with the first performance being on August 9th in Miami and the last performance on October 10th in Boston. Fans of two very different artists get to come together and turn up! Which tour date are you picking? Choose Wisely.

2. Paramore’s Tour 5:

Paramore recently announced their upcoming tour, officially titled The After Laughter Summer Tour, lasts June 12th through July 24th and they are my favorite band so here’s hoping their tickets are not all sold out (procrastination kills).

3. More possible tours that could be happening this summer:

  • Kanye West & Kid Cudi Tour
  • A possible tour coming from Jon Bellion (he’s been teasing a new album for several months now…).
  • Smaller tours by Smino, Masego, and KAMAU.

These are just a few of the many concerts/events happening this summer! Go buy tickets! Go see your favorite musicians live in concert!


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