What’s Next for the Bucks?

Written By: Zarvea McArthur

As the NBA season begins to wind down, teams are looking for options to help their chances to making it to the finals. One team in particular that comes to mind is the Milwaukee Bucks and their superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo. What the Bucks need to do is bring in some more veteran leadership, especially off the bench at the point for example.

Rajon Rondo, considering that his contract with New Orleans is up this year. With Rondo, the Bucks’ defense goes up, and it gives them someone that can run the floor when Eric Bledsoe is on the bench, and it takes some of the ball handling off of Giannis. With Rondo having championship experience and being a floor general, he could help coach and make the proper adjustments needed during games. Also, he could help make Giannis a better mid range shooter.

Another person is Isaiah Thomas. After making sure he is 1000% healthy, putting IT with Giannis, Middleton, Parker, and Brogdon, the team would be built around a pick and roll offense. It would give Giannis and Parker more opportunities to get to the basket, and it opens up shooters like Middleton and Brogdon. Also, giving himself the ability to pull up from mid range and shoot the three with him on the team the spacing improves. The downside is the liability that he brings to the defense. With his size, most points are able to shoot over him or bully him in the post, but the defensive rotations should be able to cover his size handicap quite easily.

Finally, Dennis Schroeder. The lone star has started that he wants out of Atlanta, so the Bucks are a great opportunity for him. As well with him knowing the system, Mike Budenholzer runs with him being his coach in Atlanta. He recently accepted a job as the Bucks head coach. He’d be able to help the rest of the team adjust to the system. He would also be a great compliment to Bledsoe, where as Bledsoe is more of a defensive point Schroeder is a offensive point. The line up with this team could have either Bledsoe starting and Schroeder coming off the bench, or vice versa. Although Schroeder is still relatively young with some playoff experience, he should fit right in.

Adding these players would greatly improve the Bucks chances of making it deeper into the playoffs. It would improve the bench that the Bucks have, and help with rotations and spacing the floor, instead of the opposing defenses crowding the paint. They knew that their main point of attack is the paint, now they would have to worry about the midrange shots and threes that have been added to the offense.


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