The Cavs Are Wasting a “Golden” Opportunity

Writer: Jameson White

On Thursday, Lebron James had a historically great NBA Finals performance, as he put up a mind-boggling 51 points, 8 rebounds, and 8 assists. However, James was robbed of a game 1 victory at Oracle Arena, a prime opportunity to steal home court advantage and a 1-0 series lead, due to the fact that there was poor officiating and, other than Kevin Love, was hardly given any help from his teammates.

Credit to WFTV

Of course, all of the sports world and social media blew up due to J.R. Smith’s bone-headed play with less than 5 seconds left in regulation. As he rebounded the ball down low, he could have easily gotten a shot at the rim to give Cleveland a two-point lead with just a few seconds remaining. However, he decided to dribble the ball out past the three-point line, wasting a chance to give the Cavaliers a win.

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Just seconds before J.R. Smith’s infamous play, the referees called a charging foul on Kevin Durant that was reviewed and wrongfully overturned to be a foul on Lebron James, giving Durant two free throws; throughout the game there were plenty of missed calls and of the ones that were whistled were poor judgement calls. Needless to say, Cleveland was on the brink of the first step in upsetting these Golden State Warriors. Lebron James, as he has done all postseason, was giving the Cavaliers everything he could to will them to victory; and like the Cavaliers have done for James’ entire career with the club, has been wasting the Golden opportunity with the greatest basketball player of all time.


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