Dallas Destined

By: Austin Prim

Dallas Destined: Album Review –

Lil Bro Nem Vol 1 by Arradon

If you’re a real part of the Dallas Hip-Hop crowd, you know who Arradon is. He’s been a staple of the Dallas music scene for years now. Some consider him a Dallas legend. If you’re still unsure, you should know him by his former name “Tunk”. Years ago, I heard other artists mention Tunk on multiple occasions. “Yo A.X, did you hear that new Tunk track?!” “Bro, I got a Tunk feature for my project, so you know it’s dope!” When you’re introduced to an artist that way, there’s a lot of hype placed on hearing them. Honestly, other than a couple of features and a track or two here & there, I never really listened to a full Arradon project. My hesitation possibly stemmed from my skepticism of local artists, and I did not want to tarnish the idea of him that was created for me. But it seemed like everyone on my IG timeline was posting and promoting the album, so I had to give it a listen if for no other reason than to support. So, I listened.

Lil Bro Nem Vol 1 released on April 20. I remember the date because it was the same day that J. Cole’s KOD album dropped. I distinctly remember listening to Arradon’s album right after I listened to KOD for a second time because of the extreme contrasting levels of enjoyment I experienced. I dare anyone to listen to KOD & Lil Bro Nem Vol 1 back to back and not have more fun listening to the latter. There’s no way that you can convince me that the production for KOD is better than the production for Arradon’s album! You might be able to argue lyrical content or whatnot…maybe…but there’s no argument for production.

After listening through the album a few more times, I honestly think it may be my favorite album from a Dallas rapper to come out so far. The mixture of up-tempo and mid-tempo songs was perfect. There are 13 tracks, so the length seemed perfect: not too long, not too short. The subject matter, the cadences, the flow, delivery, hooks…they all just fit. Lil Bro Nem Vol 1 is aesthetically pleasing to the ear to say the least. The best part, though, is that it sounds like Dallas! There are a lot of rappers who sound like other cities. There are a lot of Dallas rappers that don’t sound like they’re from here at all. It’s not a bad thing necessarily. To have an artist with quality content, that also sounds like the city however, is really refreshing.


I’d recommend this album to anyone, especially if you’re from Dallas. So many dope tracks on the project. Get That, On Fire, Skip Cheatem, Can’t Be Faded…super hard! There’s a song on here for everybody. The stand out track for me, though, was TipsyTippinThruTheTripleDigital (5T’s) ft. Paris P & Mga Czar. It’s Triple D through and through. It’s fun, it’s live, it’s full of vibes, the bars are A1. There’s really nothing negative to say about it. Lil Bro Nem, can’t forget that track. AMAZING way to end an album! This is the type of city pride song I love. Dallas radio needs to play these types of songs! It’s disrespectful to the city not to play our own music…but I digress.

There’s honestly nothing negative to say about the album at all. There weren’t any trash beats. Weren’t any lazy or corny hooks. The ONLY thing I wasn’t happy with is the fact that it’s not on Tidal so that I could stream it consistently. You need to hear the album. Easily one of the best produced albums I’ve heard in a while, local or otherwise. Follow @ArraDonDigital on Twitter, and you’ll find the album link. If it’s worth anything, Arradon’s Lil Bro Nem Vol 1 gets my complete stamp of approval! Go listen to it!


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