Looking Back at the Panthers Draft

Writer: Zarvea McArthur

If I had to give them a grade it would be a B-, due to the picks of D.J. Moore and Donte Jackson. I love the speed and athleticism Moore comes with, but his route running might be questionable because he was unable to run full route tree since his freshman year at Maryland but not having a consistent QB and have having so many different QB’s in his college stent could be the cause of the route inefficiency. As for Jackson, the speed that he should provide at the nickel position is definitely needed due to the Panthers being painfully bad when it came to guarding slot receivers.

They went and grabbed a pair of D-linemen in Haynes and Norton knowing that it is not a need at that position, considering they have Poe and Addison that are in the rotation already. The Panthers are working on the places they needed to focus on with the loss of Kelvin Benjamin to the Buffalo Bills. The team hasn’t been complete since they lost Josh Norman to the Redskins.

But, the main problem with this draft is that they do not have a very good o-line, especially with the health issues the line has experienced over the past few seasons. With Turner going down for 3 games, the Kalil brothers going in and out of the line up, especially the aging Ryan Kalil who has played for 12 seasons.

So after adding speed and youth to the team, they should pick up a free agent guard or center, like Greg Robinson who is only 25 years old to add the youth and speed. That’s all they really need to get them to the next level and win a Super bowl.


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