Dallas Destined

By: Austin Prim

Dallas Destined: Alxndr Sounds

Shifting focus to a younger, lesser known artist from the city. Alxndr Sounds is a 19-year-old Alternative R&B artist from Arlington. His favorite artists range from Anthony Hamilton to Frank Ocean. His goal is to help people escape and bring good energy into their lives through his music. Alxndr wants to transport his listeners into his world, into his thoughts, into his heart. I think he has more than enough potential to succeed at doing just that.

Alxndr Sounds isn’t someone I went looking for. Honestly, he followed me on Twitter in response to the first Dallas Destined article. I’m always hesitant with listening to new artists, especially newer and younger ones because I can be very critical. I’ve learned that not everyone takes criticism well, and artists take it worse than most. But I’ve also seen what helpful critiques can do for young artists. Perfect example would be (King) VII. VII wasn’t great when he first started, but he has now become one of the top lyricists in DFW. All this is to say, I checked Sounds’ SoundCloud out with no intentions of doing a write up about him. Obviously, what I found changed my mind.

The first song I clicked on was “So Good” (prod. Keem). I was shocked to realize Alxndr is a singer. I fully expected to hear a mumble rapper, so I was pleasantly surprised. I may be in the wrong scene and following the wrong people, but it’s rare for a local singer to come across my timeline. Particularly, male R&B singers in the Dallas area (to me) seem to be non-existent so this was like a Sasquatch sighting! Once the initial shock and awe of this rare commodity falling into my hands wore off, I could truly listen to his music.

“So Good” is a proper introduction to Alxndr Sounds. It gives you a good feel of his voice, his style, and his musical intentions. What I mean by “musical intentions” is what an artist is trying to convey through their songs. Is the artist 90% sex and 10% turn up? Are they 35% chakras and 65% men/women are trash? Hearing “So Good” immediately informs me that his musical intentions are going to lean toward positive feelings about love. This initial thought was confirmed by some the other songs that Alxndr Sounds has. Of course, with positive feelings about love, heartbreak is sure to follow. “Broken Man” ft. Es Jai is emotionally charged. I wouldn’t say Alxndr is the strongest vocalist that I’ve heard, but he’s able to convey his pain with his voice in the song. The personification of emotions through one’s voice is not easy, so kudos to him for being successful in this.

He also has a four-song EP which “Broken Man” is the title track to. It honestly reminded me of The Weeknd. Although I’m unapologetic and clear with my dislike for most of The Weeknd’s music, I meant this positively. The Weeknd makes good music, I am just extremely unimpressed with his voice. Alxndr’s is more palatable to me. He has similar production choices and subject matter, but it’s unique enough to not come off as a clone. He sounds genuine. The stand out song on his page is “Stay With You”. Out of all the songs that I listened to, this is the one I could see myself playing multiple times. “Stay With You” seems like it’s the most ready, meaning that you could put it out on radio or Spotify etc., and people would enjoy it. I don’t want to say too much about it because I think you should listen to it yourself. Not every artist is perfect. Some songs still need work. But “Stay With You” is good to go!

Overall, I like Alxndr Sounds. He writes all his own material. He’s been writing since he was 6, and it shows. I think he has a good ear for production that really fits the sound he’s going for. He knows himself as an artist, which is rare. There is room for improvement, but he’s young and has time to grow and learn. I think with a little vocal training and small creative risks, he could truly be a dope artist. The potential is there. The talent is evident. If the execution is right, the exposure will come! I’m excited to see how Alxndr grows artistically, and I think you should be too.


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