Raptors vs Cavs Game One

By: Zarvea McArthur

 After watching game one of this series, the Raptors will win this series in 6 games. Lebron will be burnt out, even after recording a triple double this was not a normal Lebron triple double, as the game carried on he was less efficient, he was 12-40 which is no normal shooting line for Lebron.

The role players did not show up in the Indiana series with no player outside of Lebron scoring more than 20 in any game of the series. But they bounced back in game one in Toronto, with J.R. Smith going 5 of 6 from deep and Jeff Green providing a solid 16 points on 7 of 8 shooting. The role players will not continue to play this well down the stretch of the series.

The team has been a rollercoaster since the midseason trade that turned over this Cavs roster. The Raptors had a terrible 43% shooting night despite DeRozan scoring 22 on 10/20 shooting. But on the other hand, the Cavs had a worse night shooting only making 41% of their shots. As regulation ended, it seemed the Raptors would’ve won the game in overtime, but the missed shots caught up to them, missing their last 12 shot attempts. We are in for an excitement filled series, the Raptors led until the final minutes of the game and many were surprised to see the Cavs rally back as a team, instead of Lebron having to carry the workload.


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