Devil in a Blue Dress Review

By: Mia Manning

In Walter Mosley’s novel, ’Devil in a Blue Dress’, Mosley approaches racism, crime, sex, and violence with the use of intense dialogue and vivid imagery. The book itself isn’t quite an easy read, but, nonetheless, definitely worth the time to read if someone was interested in crime-mystery fiction and watching it unfold right before their eyes.

Considered a murder mystery (for good reason), this novel has many twists and turns throughout that will keep the reader on their toes. Simply put, it’s a novel that will keep you up at night reading by the lamp on your nightstand, flipping pages until you’ve figured out and finished every last bit of the novel.

Not only is this book one to be considered highly esteemed and extremely interesting, it is part of a series that follows the same detective throughout. Although I haven’t read these novels, I assume that they are all equally as good, if not better as the story continues to grow and become more developed throughout the various books. Which, as an avid reader, is both exciting and reassuring, knowing you can keep the story going, even if it’s just for a little while longer is truly a beautiful feeling that only the best authors can invoke.

The books main character, ‘Easy’, is a tough war veteran that yearns for some kind of simplicity and control over his life, although he finds this hard to find. His life consists of drinking and trying to figure out how he will keep himself alive, as well as keep his beloved house under his name. Easy is soon approached by a hard, intimidating man, who tempts Easy into searching for a highly sought out, beautiful woman who has coincidently gone under the radar. The job offer and this woman herself becomes the center of the novel despite her less than frequent appearances and soon Easy becomes involved in a hot mess filled with murder, violence and all other horrific acts the reader couldn’t have possibly imagined when starting this novel.

As the novel progresses, these themes of such horror aren’t the only ideas flirted with. Through multiple plot twists and surprises, the reader becomes introduced to the idea of having a war going on in one’s own head that starts all because of appearance.

Filled with characters you can’t help but love and others that will make your blood boil as the story continues, this novel is a great read for anyone who doesn’t mind the description of such events.




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