Invasion of Privacy Review

By Austin Prim

A couple months ago I put out an article about Cardi B. Essentially, the article stated that Cardi is the hottest rapper out right now, and might be for a while. Although the article praised Cardi for her come up, it didn’t necessarily show my faith in her ability to put out quality albums. The mixtapes she put out prior to dropping Bodak Yellow weren’t anything to celebrate honestly. There were a few songs that deserved recognition, but as overall bodies of work, neither GBM Vols. 1 & 2 showed promise of her having the skill it would take to put out a quality collection of 8-15 dope songs at one time. Then Invasion of Privacy happened.

Needless to say, the rollout for the album left a lot to be desired. Cardi said the album was coming maybe 2 or 3 weeks, if that long, before it dropped. She put out Be Careful to mixed reviews. I believe that was a perfect song choice to release however. She already put out 2 club tracks and needed something to show a little range. Releasing Be Careful shows that she’s not a one trick pony. It’s her way as an artist to let us know that there’s not a redundant formula that she must follow to make a good song. And honestly, the only reason the song didn’t hit number 1 the following day is because she was the artist. If Drake made the exact same song, the reception would’ve been different. If Drake had the same beat, used the same cadence, had the same hook, and just switched some pronouns around, the song would’ve been played on the radio non-stop. The people who didn’t like the song, other than the Barbz, were caught off guard and expected another Bodak Yellow or Bartier Cardi. I think she put out Drip the next week to counter those opinions. Drip was…fine. In the grand scheme of things, the rollout didn’t really get people excited for the album. If anything, it armed the Cardi B haters with enough ammo to potentially shoot her down. Little did they know; their guns were going to jam.

Again, because of the rollout and my previous listens to complete projects from Cardi, I was concerned for the quality of the album. One of my friends even mentioned me on twitter saying “…when Cardi album trash you the first person I’m coming for!” I knew this to be true, and prepared myself mentally to accept my fate if in fact, Cardi’s album was trash. Thankfully, the low expectations I forced myself to have were shattered in tremendous fashion! The album started off cool. Get Up 10 was her version of Meek Mill’s “Dreams & Nightmares” and it was a nice start to the album. Drip was next. I wasn’t a big fan of the song when it was released as a single but in the context of the album, it worked for me. The album really started for me once Bhickenhead played though. This song set the tone for the album. Most of the songs on the album are bangers! All the songs are anthems for empowering women. Money Bag, Bartier Card”, She Bad…all fire! This album isn’t for those who want to sit and cry. This album is for women who want to enjoy themselves and let out their frustration.

Her slower tempo, more emotional or relationship oriented songs aren’t as cliché as one may think. Thru Your Phone nor Ring are not about how sad she is about finding out her man is cheating. They’re more so warnings, like Be Careful. She talks about being willing to kill the guy if he even thinks about doing her dirty, but it’s in an entertaining way…if that makes sense. Tracks like I Do and Best Life featuring SZA & Chance the Rapper respectively are super dope tracks too! You’re going to see a lot of quotes from I Do on a lot of women’s IG posts very soon, trust me. My favorite track on the album though, is I Like It. It’s probably the beat. That Tito Nieves “I Like It Like That” sample is easily one of my favorite flips I’ve heard in awhile. The track was solidified as my favorite once I found out Dallas native J White Did It, who also produced Bodak Yellow, is the one who…did it!

Overall, Invasion of Privacy is an amazing debut album. No, it’s not a lyrical masterpiece. It’s not a story or anything. It’s just a collection of really, really good songs, and that isn’t always a bad thing. This album shows growth for Cardi. Her mixtapes weren’t too impressive. There was obvious concern that she may be a one hit wonder. All those doubts left me once I heard this album, and they should leave you as well! Invasion of Privacy is short and sweet. 10 great tracks with no skips. Not many artists can brag about no skips on any of their albums, let alone their debut one. Give Cardi the credit she deserves! The album went Gold in less than 24 hours. The first woman to do that. That’s huge! If I had to rate Invasion of Privacy, I’d probably give it a 9/10, or at the very least a strong 8/10. There’s really nothing negative I can say about it. And if I’m being completely honest with myself, I like Invasion of Privacy better than any Nicki Minaj project that’s been released. I almost got attacked by the Barbz on twitter because of that statement, but it’s true! No, she’s not a better artist than Nicki (yet), but I haven’t replayed any of Nicki’s albums more than twice. I’ve listened to Invasion at least 5 times already. That’s just me though. You decide how you feel.


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