“Nice For What” Review

Writer: Brett Chapa

Drake returns from his artistic hiatus on April 7 with his new single, “Nice For What.” Drake teams up with Murda Beatz in order to create this sweet track, including a smooth Lauryn Hill sample, coming from her popular single, “Ex Factor.” This is the second time Drake leans on Lauryn for a sample, the other being his 2014 single, “Draft Day,” sampling Lauryn Hill’s “Doo Wop (That Thing).”



Drake dives into the topic of female empowerment, giving props to women all over that are living their best lives by being able to balance their hard work and their fun nights out without an issue. He shouts out women who are completely independent, emotionally and emotionally — a change of pace for Drake.

The song itself is a true earworm, largely in part to the Lauryn Hill sample combined with the bass kicks and hi-hats. While Murda Beatz comes through with a head-nodding beat with a nice groove to it, Drake’s vocal performance remains relatively lackluster. Still, his voice remains much more palatable than when he tries to recreate his infamous, broken Patois or when he slaps an emphasis on certain syllables to attempt his English accent. He doesn’t do much in the realm of technicality, as his flow is average, as are his rhymes. He does, however, offer plenty of quotable lines that will inevitably become Instagram captions in the short future, especially with summer right around the corner.

This is a refreshing sound from Drake, and while he’s no stranger to nightclub bangers, this seems to be a step in a different direction than his more recent music. This of course brings questions concerning his next full-length project, as it’s already been over a year since his album-turned-“playlist,” “More Life.”

Drake and Murda Beatz’ tag-team effort on “Nice For What” result in what could be a staple in nightclub playlists everywhere, as the song has already gotten stuck in my head while I have been writing this review. The Lauryn Hill sample, in specific, is by far the best part of the track, as her looped vocals in the background are so smooth and groovy, making it nearly impossible to not move while listening. All in all, Drake comes through with a catchy single to hold us all over until more material is released.


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