Is Kawhi Leonard Done in San Antonio?

Writer: Jameson White

By now, most have heard of the ongoing drama between the San Antonio Spurs and their superstar wing, Kawhi Leonard. After an off-season of dealing with injuries, Leonard looked poised to have another huge season in 2017-2018. However, quadriceps tendinopathy has sidelined the star forward for all but nine games this season, with him yet again taking a trip to New York to seek further help. Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich has called this injury “unusual,” saying that he has also “never seen an injury quite like [Leonard’s].”

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Season-long drama has gone down in the ironically and usually drama-free Spurs, with reports surfacing of a rift coming between Leonard and the organization, as well as a players-only meeting led by Tony Parker, and with what has happened, we could be seeing the end of Kawhi’s time in San Antonio. He is usually quite a reserved player, known for being non-vocal and showing no emotion, so who knows where he stands with San Antonio. One source said that Leonard would like to “finish his career in San Antonio.” Other reports also came out stating his desire to be traded from the franchise this off-season, meaning we could be in for a summer of players moving to drastically different cities.

Spurs All-Star forward Lamarcus Aldridge requested a trade this previous summer, stating that he did not feel comfortable with the way his talents were being utilized. After sitting down with Popovich, Aldridge was convinced of a new role with the team, as well as granted a 3-year $72 contract extension to stay with San Antonio. The same could happen with Kawhi Leonard this summer, as he is eligible for a supermax deal for 5-years and over $200 million. If Leonard decides to not sign this extension, we will almost definitely know his stance on staying in the Alamo City.


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