Sneaky Pete Review

Written by: Jarrett Crepeau

Sneaky Pete is a crime drama on Amazon Prime that seems like a spiritual successor to Breaking Bad, at least in terms of the themes and writing. It stars Giovanni Ribisi who you may know from James Cameron’s Avatar and was created by David Shore and Bryan Cranston, which is also another connection to Breaking Bad. The show’s premise revolves around Ribisi’s character, Marius who is a con man recently released from prison. He finds himself in trouble with a gangster (played by Cranston) and decides to assume the identity of his cellmate Pete and insert himself into his family in Connecticut. His family hasn’t seen Pete in 20 years and doesn’t suspect Marius at all. As the plot unfolds we learn more about Pete’s past and family, as well as Marius and his past as a con man in New York. The first season released in January 2017 and the second season in March of 2018.

The show delves into the themes and ideas of leading a double life in a way that entices the viewer to keep watching. The acting is believable and the characters seem fleshed out and three dimensional. However, I think that the various cons and schemes that unfold throughout the show will keep people intrigued and relatively entertained. Ribisi has absolutely nailed how to play a con-man and creates a lovable character that you really shouldn’t be rooting for but do so anyway. Season 1 and 2 contain their individual stories and villains, but the way they are written allows them to intertwine and create a dynamic, binge-worthy story. As of now, there is no word of a third season but fans are hopeful. This show definitely has the potential to become one of Amazon’s flagship series on the same level as Netflix’s Orange is the New Black.


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