It’s Fortnite

Staff Writer: Orian Johnson


Fortnite is becoming one of the most popular online competitive games out there, that much is obvious. Why though? It’s basically the cartoon version of PUBG isn’t it? On paper, yes, that’s essentially what Fortnite is as a game, but when actually looking at the game there’s definitely more to it.

One of the most obvious differences being the building mechanic introduced. You spawn with nothing more than a pickaxe and you can gather wood, metal, and brick with it. The building mechanic is most of the time used with wood that adds a whole new layer of gameplay and creativity in terms of strategy. Secondly is the aesthetic; where PUBG is gritty, more serious, and gives a more competitive feel with its visuals, Fortnite is vibrant, colorful, and the aesthetic is objectively more fun which is probably why it skyrocketed in popularity so fast. In no way is it as popular as League of Legends or Overwatch, but remember that it’s as popular as it is for a reason.


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