Laying the Dez Catch to Rest

Writer: Marcus Carr

The NFL competition committee reached a “unanimous” agreement that some of the league’s most debated controversies should be ruled complete in the future, including one that hits home for every Dallas Cowboys fan.

The Dez Bryant “catch/no catch” in the 2015 playoffs against the Green Bay Packers would ultimately be called a catch according to this committee. But there are a number of factors that we should consider when evaluating the situation.

First off, the game occurred three years ago. Secondly, today nearly every single fan of the Dallas Cowboys is vouching for the departure of Dez Bryant to occur either this season or the 2019 offseason. Understandably, the Cowboys could have won the game, gone to the Super Bowl, and won the Super Bowl. But if you are a Cowboys fan, it has been three years… It is about time to close the casket.

The catch could have swung momentum, making the ball be on the one-yard line. If this occurred, The Cowboys more than likely would have scored, setting the new score as 27-26 or 29-26. This is due to the fact they would have been forced to try a two-point conversion. But with likely over two minutes left in the game, the Packers had all the time in the world left.

The Packers not only had over two minutes left in the game but a timeout and the two-minute warning on their side. Aside from all of that, they had the Cowboys killer waiting on their sideline, Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers had accumulated 278 yards, 3 touchdowns, and a 123.0 passer rating up to that point. If Rodgers wasn’t going to rip the hearts out of every Cowboys fan by the end of regulation, he was going to finish them in overtime, like we have seen plenty of times. This would have only made the heartbreak little over a year ago more difficult when Aaron Rodgers called “the schoolyard” play on 3rd and 20 to set the Packers up to win the game with 3 seconds left. He ripped the heart out of Dallas that day, if you don’t remember, let me remind you.


If the Cowboys defense somehow would have stopped the Packers from scoring, they would have faced the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle, granted they did take down Seattle at home earlier that year. But, the Seattle defense only got better during the course of the 2014 year and was devastating by the time the playoffs came around. The Cowboys defense had allowed a total of 630 passing yards in their two games of the playoffs.

Allowing 630 passing yards in two games is no winning recipe, if they advanced to the Super Bowl, they would have been facing the quarterback who just threw 500 yards in a Super Bowl at the age of 40, Tom Brady. Resulting in 37-year-old Tom Brady taking on one of the worst secondaries he has faced in a Super Bowl, and leaving Dallas with a traumatic experience.

Ultimately, if Tony Romo won the 2015 Super Bowl, the Cowboys wouldn’t have landed Ezekiel Elliott or Dak Prescott a year later. What a story Tony Romo could have been for this organization that underappreciated him. It is time to close the casket Dallas, holding onto a Super Bowl chance three years ago will only make it hurt worse. Dez didn’t catch the ball then, and it doesn’t seem like he will be catching many more for the Cowboys in the future.


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