Oscar Nominations Pt 2

Writer: Kameron Henry

Here’s is part two of my Oscar Nominations click here for the first part.

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  • Original Screenplay :Get Out Get Out is my pick because this movie was something the critics have never seen before. Personally I believe that Jordan Peele deserves this award.

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  • Animated Feature :Coco When it comes to animated movies one name comes to mind. Pixar personally takes the cake. As much as I love The LEGO Batman Movie has my heart, Coco takes the cake.

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  • Foreign Language Film :Loveless I’m not going to lie these foreign films are not my speciality. If I did have to choose I would have to give it to Loveless.

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  • Cinematography :Blade Runner 2049 Blade Runner was an amazing film with camera shots that are out of this world. This shots in this movie is up to par with Star Wars franchise.

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  • Costume Design :Beauty and the Beast Bringing the beast from 2D to 3D was not easy task. In my personal opinion I enjoyed what the beast appearance on the big screen.

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  • Sound Editing :Baby Driver This movie had multiple jumps from the police car chases to the other action happening within the movie.With him listening to music during the entire time was amazing. There’s no way this movie doesn’t take the win.

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  • Best Hair and Makeup :Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 When you think of hair and makeup two things come to mind Star Wars and Marvel. Guardians had mind blowing scenes filled with different alien around each corner.

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  • Film Score :Star Wars When you think of amazing scores. My mind instantly goes to the Star Wars franchise. Just the opening alone still gives chills down my spine.

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  • Original Score :This is Me (The Greatest Showman) After seeing this movie i immediately downloaded the soundtrack. To this day this song is now in my top 5 musical songs.

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  • Best Prod. Design :Murder on the Orient Express Turning a book into a movie is no easy task. Thankfully this movie was brought to the big screen flawlessly.

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  • Best Visual Effects :War of the Planet of the Apes This film series used to be a small 2001 film. Now that the franchise is a beautiful masterpiece. If I choose a runner up would be Valerian.

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  • Animated Shorts :LOU While waiting to see Cars 3 I was introduced to LOU. I have never been a big fan of these shorts. After seeing this one is going to make me sit down and watch them all.

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Here’s my choices for my the Oscars. Tune in next Monday for a Oscar Review.


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