Why Do Students Game?

Writer: Kyle Pearson

On a college campus students have all kinds of different ways to relieve stress, from napping to drinking excess amounts of coffee or even building their own computer, one thing can be certain, everyone has their own routine to relax.

As technology advances many students find themselves using said technology as a way to relieve stress, especially in video games. Bailey Clounch a twenty year old sophomore studying information systems at the University of North Texas says,

“I’ve grown up in technology, it’s what I know, I have worked at GameStop, Best Buy, and now landed at Microsoft.”

Being from Carrollton Texas and a middle class Caucasian family Bailey receives little financial aid from the university and relies on her parents to pay for her education. Her friendly personality and unique sense of humor became evident as she was interviewed in a classroom about why she plays video games at all.

“It’s nice to be able to chill and hang out with friends online, not having to worry about assignments or work.”

Being able to play games where the outcomes have seemingly no effect on you in the real world, allow for the user to escape any problems or obstacles they may be facing in reality. For students on a University every decision they make seems to have an impact on their future. Submerging themselves in video games where they can initially have the freedom to make whatever choices they want is a great way to relax and unwind.

Bailey has even taken her passion for video games as far as building her own gaming desktop to allow a faster more reliable gaming experience. Designing your own desktop allows you to not only personalize it however you wish, but also saves money with the ending price being cheaper than buying the entire desktop already assembled.

As the gaming field keeps advancing, we can rely on those with passion similar to Bailey’s to keep up with, but possibly even advance the gaming industry.


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