The “Real Life Animal House”

By: Marcus Carr

The Dallas Mavericks organization has fallen apart, besides their current 18-40 record and only winning 2 of their last 15. This organization has bigger issues than Mark Cuban saying “Losing is our best option.” The Dallas Mavericks fired Buddy Pittman, the head of H.R. and Earl K. Sneed, the Mavs beat writer, late Tuesday afternoon after more than a dozen of current and ex-employees delivered the Mavericks “open secret.” A hostile work environment including, sexual harassment and domestic violence, according to Sports Illustrated.

The report includes the names of not only Sneed and Pittman but former team president and CEO, Terdema Ussery. The sources provide chilling detail in what the Mavericks work environment was like throughout the tenure of these men. While some think the locker room would be the place of anxiety, the employees thought otherwise, it was a safe haven.

Terdema Ussery was the team president and CEO from 1997 till 2015, and shortly into that tenure he was investigated internally by the Mavs. Though Ussery was retained shortly after, Buddy Pittman was hired as the head of Human Resources which “was no coincidence” according to sources.

The allegations continue onto beat writer, Earl Sneed who pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of family violence assault and interference with emergency request in 2012, but this wasn’t Sneed’s only run in with violence, sources report that Sneed turned violent on a Mavericks colleague he was in a relationship with in 2014. Cuban retained Sneed after the misdemeanor charges and allegations of a recurrence in 2014.

Mark Cuban has openly address the issue and while denying being aware of any of the accusations, many sources believe that Cuban turned the blind eye since in fact he has prided himself on being a hands on owner while others believe it was ignored as long as the revenue kept pouring in.

With more allegations and investigating to come Cuban said “that the Mavs were establishing a hotline for counseling and support services for past and current team employees. He is mandating sensitivity training for all employees, himself included.” Full SI story below.



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