Black Panther Review

By Kameron Henry

Black Panther Review

As Run the Jewels said in there song :Legend Has It ,”..Step into the Spotlight”; Black Panther has done that. This past weekend Black Panther released to the public. To the fans response their saying that this is the best Marvel movie ever created. I do believe that to a certain degree.

Black Panther takes place right after Captain America: Civil War. T’Challa is returning home after his father is murdered at the Sokovia Accords Meeting. Since his father was king but unfortunately meet his fate, T’Challa is now king of Wakanda. I don’t want to spoil the movie so that’s all I can say with mentioning major plot points. So instead I’m going to describe what made this movie good. Just like normal Marvel movies we had a good mixture of comedy and fight scenes. What made this movie different than the rest is the fight scenes. In the movie the fights where like on a 360 camera. We saw the punches fly smoothly without major use of jump cuts. Another good feature of Black Panther was the soundtrack..

First thing first the movie’s soundtrack is great. All the songs were produced by Kendrick Lamar. With great artists featured like SZA, The Weeknd, Travis Scott,etc.You can only expect amazing tracks. When going to the theater I saw people dressing up in African attire to see this movie. Literally a group of friends had matching African shirts. Black Panther was also a breaking records on a historical stances.Black Panther has earned around $218 million for the four-day weekend. With this month coming out in February during Black History Month is just icing in on the cake.

All in all Black Panther was a really great with with an amazing plot. If I had to give this movie a rating it would be a 9.0 out of ten. I can’t wait to see Black Panther in Infinity War If you enjoyed this article leave a comment i would love to hear back from you.


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