Alternative R&B Is What We Need

Staff Writer: Orian Johnson

Reginald Lamar Williams, known by the artist name R.LUM.R, is currently doing music a service by providing listeners with a genre we didn’t know we needed, which is alternative R&B. It’s not as weird as it sounds, but there is a distinct difference between this sound and what we remember from artists like Usher back in the early 2000s.

Art for the EP Afterimage

However, the emotion is still very much present in the music and lyrics with every track. Speaking of tracks, he’s released 10, and all of them are available on YouTube and Spotify along with some remixes! Show Me, Tell Me, Nothing New, and my personal favorite, Be Honest are the 4 that aren’t originally from his EP, Afterimage. Among the 6 tracks on Afterimage, some notable ones are Love Less, and his most popular song, Frustrated. R.LUM.R is a truly underrated artist who can change your perspective on music, have you jamming out without realizing it, or have you awake past midnight thinking about your life, or maybe even all three at once. If that sounds like something you’d be down for, I’d give him a listen if I were you.


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