‘Eat the Elephant’

Written by: Jarrett Crepeau

Maynard James Keenan returns to music with his band A Perfect Circle. It’s been 14 years since the band’s last album eMOTIVe in 2004 and as Maynard James Keenan and Billy Howerdel worked on other projects, the man took a bit of a hiatus.

Throughout 2017 we heard rumors that they were back to work and making new music, and in October we saw the release of ‘The Doomed’ which you can click here read my review of the single. In January the band released another single titled ‘Disillusioned’ a song about how attached we are as a society to our phones, something Maynard has been rather critical of. And then in February the band released another single titled ‘TalkTalk’ along with the announcement of the new album Eat the Elephant which be releasing April 20th 2018.

A Perfect Circle / Tim Cadiente

The three singles released so far have been moderately well received by fans, however the criticisms are valid. Many found that the music sounds too much like Maynards most recent project, Puscifer, where he tends to experiment with his music. It strays away from Tool and A Perfect Circle in sound by being much softer, more melodic and doesn’t have too many messages in it compared to the other two bands.

On the other end some fans are disappointed about to political aspects of the album. For instance the name of the album has been seen as an obvious jab at the Republican party and some found their latest single to be too on the nose and preachy, as it comments on those who talk without action, especially in regards to gun control and the “thoughts and prayers” cycle that we live in today. These are all valid points coming from veteran fans of Maynards work but a majority of those fans are glad to see the band back and making new music. Now some were disappointed at Maynard’s swift denial of new Tool music coming this year in a thread on Twitter where he stated that nothing for the band is even tracked, but they are working on it.

Along with the announcement of the new record the band also announces new tour, and they will be playing in the DFW area at Starplex Pavilion May 26th. Joining them in that show will be Stone Temple Pilots and 10 Years. Stay tuned to The Drive for a review on Eat the Elephant once it is released!


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