Valentine’s Day Singles Ideas

Writer: Ashley Bow

As the echoes of the New Year holiday fade away, Valentine’s Day is fast-incoming for us single folk. This year, don’t scramble to find a date. Instead, celebrate Valentine’s Day the single way.


Send ‘love letters’ to your close friends

All our friends deserve a little extra love, especially if they’re feeling lonely during the holidays. Use the occasion to give your friends a boost this 14th.

Prepare to go get all the on-sale candy

Hurry out extra early Wednesday and take the morning off the following day. That clears the morning so you can go buy all the good candy for yourself while it’s on sale.

Celebrate Gal-entine’s day

Ah, the beloved Parks and Recreation holiday. A wonderful way to spend the day, really. But feel free to skip the whole lost-love story at the end.

Visit a nice restaurant and treat yourself to dinner

You deserve it, after all. And hey, if you’re nice to the server and pretend your date stood you up, maybe you’ll even get a discounted dinner.

Take a sick day

Give yourself extra time off. Stay home and binge your favorite TV show or read a good book. Visit a park or play some video games. Have yourself some good, old-fashioned ‘me-time.’


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