Movies To Look Out For In February 2018

Written by: Jarrett Crepeau

As we enter the second month of 2018 we have some exciting films to look forward to. What I found especially interesting this month were the amount of indie films releasing, a scene that I’m only just getting into. While January wasn’t that noteworthy in the world of film, it’s looking like we will see some creative hits this upcoming month, 2017’s first quarter saw the likes of Get Out, The Comedian, and John Wick Chapter 2 so this year has a lot to live up for. I’ve made a list of some of my top picks (in no particular order) for February 2018

1. Bomb City – Bomb City is crime-drama film made by DFW filmmakers, Sheldon Chick and Jameson Brooks. It tells the tale of a true story of a teenage punk crew clashing with the jocks of the football team in 1997 in Amarillo. The fight ended with the death of one of the punk group’s own Brian Deneke after one of the football players crushed him with his car. At the time living in Amarillo Chick and Jameson Brooks were young teenagers, and this story stuck with them, as did the community. The film was something they took seriously, wanting to honor Brian the best way they could. It tells a tale of justice, pain, and rebellion and is set to release February 9th.

2. Black Panther – Marvel’s first feature film of the year takes to Wakanda as we follow T’Challa home to take his father’s place as king. I find myself enjoying Marvel’s movies but I do have my own issues with them as I feel superhero movies have overstayed their welcome and take away smaller, more original films. However they are good movies to just turn your brain off too and enjoy a hero story, and I will say Black Panther looks like it will shape up to be something above the rest of its cinematic universe. Wakanda has some of the more interesting visuals and inhabits some really interesting characters that I’m looking forward to see come alive on screen on February 16th.

3. Annihilation – Coming from Alex Garland (Ex Machina, 28 Days Later) is a film adaptation of a sci-fi novel of the same name which is actually the first of a trilogy. It tells the story of scientists investigating a zone that was sealed off by the government for 30 years. It’s said to have horror elements so in my mind it seems like a cross between Alien Covenant and Avatar. Im very excited to see where this goes, especially with Garland behind it and Natalie Portman starring in the film. However sci-fi adaptations are typically very hit or miss in terms of the box office, and I hope this movie ends up like The Martian and not a flop like last year’s Valerian when it releases February 23rd.


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