Heartbreak in the Hometown

Writer: Kyle Pearson

Mansfield High School football has been making a name for themselves throughout the past few years. One coach, Daniel Maberry, has truly made an impact on nearly every player he meets. As someone who has always been there for students when they needed him, a time to return the favor has arrived.


Coach Maberry was recently diagnosed with stage 4 Lymphoma. This news crippled the hearts of current players and alumni that have been coached by Maberry nationwide. The reason for this being how personal Daniel Maberry is with his coaching style. Maberry is the type of coach that is tough but caring to a level where you honestly don’t want to let him down. This mutual respect for players is a key factor to the team’s recent success in the past years. For most coaches, the success on the field is what they care about most. Maberry, while still desiring to win at the end of the game, always cares that his players are still enjoying the game.


When the news went public the people who make up the town of Mansfield did what they do best, they assembled. A go-fund me account was created and any donation is greatly appreciated, but for high school students who may not have a source of income one option remains, spread the word.

The support for Daniel Maberry is growing every minute as news spreads across North Texas. Maberry is one of the toughest men who taught me personally to never give up and always keep pushing through. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family at this difficult time.

Coach, we are here with you always, the same way you are there for us. Attached below is a link to the go-fund me account, any donations are greatly appreciated, if you are unable to donate please help in spreading the word so we can help.



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