Rooster Teeth Annouces Its Animation Slate For 2018

Written by: Jarrett Crepeau

All Images via Rooster Teeth

It seems every year the Austin based production company, Rooster Teeth, gets bigger and better. Since 2003, they have been putting out podcasts, comedy sketches, and shows out on their main platform and video game content through their others like Achievement Hunter and Funhaus. I personally have been a fan for a long time, even attending their yearly convention, RTX back in 2015 and 2016. Last year saw the expansion of the animation department, partnering up with Sugar Pine 7 and the sequel to their first feature film, Lazer Team 2. But the new year has arrived, and with that we were given some info on what the animation team has been working on and will be putting out this year.

January 20th will mark the season finale of their massive hit show RWBY, originally created by Monty Oum back in 2013. It quickly became one of their biggest series alongside Red vs. Blue. The show has exploded amongst anime fans and has won and been nominated for many rewards. After Monty’s tragic passing in 2015, the show has switched to Autodesk Maya for its animation and developed a sharp new art style that’s been getting better since season 3. Typically the show premieres in the fall and with a twelve episode run, however this year they were able to produce fourteen episodes with a longer run time, I expect this trend to continue when Volume 6 premieres this fall. But in the meantime, the spin-off comedy sketch series RWBY Chibi will start back up again on January 27th.

Rooster Teeth

Since RTX 2017 we’ve known about a show in development called gen:LOCK, a 3D animated series said to be inspired by mecha anime like Gundam and Del Toro’s Pacific Rim. It will follow the story of a group of young trainee’s preparing to pilot these giant robots.

Not many images have been released, but we know that it’s coming this year according to the Head of Animation at Rooster Teeth, Gray G. Haddock. I’m excited to see another 3D show come to Roosterteeth and hope it will just as successful on the platform.

Rooster Teeth

Jumping to the 2D side of RT’s animation department, director Jordan Cwierz, who also co-created Camp Camp and X-Ray and Vav, has announced a new show titled Nomad of Nowhere that will premiere March 2nd. It is a western fantasy mash up that takes place in a world that hasn’t seen magic in a very long time, enter the Nomad who now has a price on his head because of his magic use. I am very excited about this series as Jordan has proved himself as a director time and time again. Combined with the other writers on the animation team, (Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross, lead writers on RWBY and Camp-Camp) I am sure this series will bring us something new and fresh.

Rooster Teeth

And of course we will be seeing the return of the longest ongoing web series, Red vs. Blue, for its 16th season, said to pick up moments after the end of season 15. Starting back in 2003, this show launched Rooster Teeth to the top making them one of the biggest internet creators that pre-date Youtube. Rooster Teeth has confirmed that Camp Camp, DEATH BATTLE, DBX, and RTAA will also return this year. All in all its looking like a great year for Rooster Teeth. You can check out all their shows which premiere first on their website or check them out as they are uploaded to their Youtube channel.


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