Why Oh Why Are Kids Eating Tide Pods?

Writer: Kyle Pearson

New trends among the youth seem to appear every few months, from the ice bucket challenge to the cinnamon challenge we thought we had seen it all. Some challenges have a purpose such as raising money for a cause, others have no purpose and may pose a health risk. A new challenge has arisen and it is literally putting an end to internet challenges as we know it. Seeming to be a joke originating on Twitter the “Tide pod” challenge is being taken full speed by the confused youth. The challenge is simple, post a video of yourself or an equally dumb friend, eating a tide pod. Videos vary of people eating tide pods all kinds of different ways such as putting them in a blender mixed in a smoothie or sautéing them in a pan.


Now it’s no shock that laundry detergent is toxic when ingested by humans. Poison control released a statement saying that there has been upward of fifteen calls a day related to tide pod instances. Which drives the question why are people doing this? Besides the newly sparked hunger for laundry detergent Tide’s stock is remaining steady as ever. It is pretty obvious people are eating these pods for some soon to fade attention on social platforms. To some, the risk of severe harm or even death is worth fifteen minutes of fame.

Laundry detergent is a smell distinctly remembered by most, this is due to how strong the chemicals are that make up laundry detergent. The environmental protection agency classifies detergent as a human carcinogen, exposure to even just a small amount of inhalation can cause drowsiness and irritation of the throat and lungs. When ingested these heavy chemicals that make up the distinct smell literally poison the body, if one survives the encounter with eating tide pods, they may face severe kidney and liver damage.

One would never think that they would have to tell people “Hey you probably shouldn’t eat that tide pod” but the time to panic has arrived. In a world where famine, wildfires, and political injustice exist seemingly everywhere, America is busy keeping themselves from eating laundry detergent. Do yourself a favor and put the tide pods on the top shelf, out of reach from anyone who may actually put one of these pods in their body.


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